Possible/Probable Worlds was a curated part of the London College of Communication's London Design Festival show - Uncertainty Playground.

Possible/Probable Worlds deconstructs the ideas behind Joseph Voros’ ‘Futures Cone’ and proposes a range of possible futures through interactive installations. This exhibition aims to challenge existing narratives about the future by highlighting their contradictions and questions the very notion of speculation, progress and futurity. Designs, props and snippets from futures were displayed for visitors to interact with and to provoke discussions about how technology and society shape each other and our future.

In addition to the practice elements of the research shown, the exhibition will present a selection of text-based material from the reading, writing and teaching of academics from LCC’s Design School who are engaged with ideas about critical design and digital futures.

Participating artists:
Paul Bailey
David Benque
Ben Brannagan
John Fass
Greta Hauer
Miranda Iossifidis
Joel Karamath
Sophie de May
Luke Pendrel
Joseph Popper
Oli Smith & Francesco Tacchini (Demystification Committee)
Dr. Eva Verhoeven
Dr. Georgina Voss

Images © Lewis Bush

Last updated: 05.2020