Into Your Hands Are They Delivered is published as a part of the Blueprints for The Unknown book.

The implications were unthinkable. A slow dread descended upon those informed of developments. Even those paranoid executives, focussed solely on returning the refineries to full working order were forced to pause. The scientists and researchers involved in those frenzied days felt the entire monolith of scientific understanding begin to collapse around them.

For hundreds, thousands of years those like them had constructed definitions, meanings and boundaries. Since the first man, they had divided the natural from the unnatural and proceeded to twist and mutate those definitions in attempts to outpace nature and each other. The cracking and controlling of DNA was the decisive blow in that domination, whether for good or evil, the final limitations of nature could be understood and subsumed into man's technological empire. However, the overarching knowledge that the tenets within which they worked were ineffable was never questioned. Whether placed by God or physical law, a fundamental framework within which life could be read was constructed behind the sheen of progressive science.

But here was a monster, a creature of alien definitions that sat across these boundaries and defied these laws. It was a dreadful miracle that seemed to derail the selfish melancholia, to upset the established rhythms of man's inevitable destruction and the egotistic distractions they had constructed around it.

The full story is also avaliable online and information about exhibition can be found on the project page.

Last updated: 05.2020