A video of highlights from the festival.
With Natalie Kane I was one half of the curatorial team for Impakt Festival 2017 in Utercht, Nethrlands. The theme followed on from our extensive work on Haunted Machines - series of events and projects examining the connection between the occult and technology. Through a five-day festival with speakers, performances, debates and film screenings, three exhibitions, half a dozen original commissions and a host of satellite events we produced a wide-ranging and sold-out festival that brought the world together to focus on the ideas presented. This project page is by no-means an exhaustive breakdown of the event but provides an overview of the curatorial direction and outcomes.

Here you can find an entire PDF of the program of events. The Impakt website hosts an archived version of the program and their YouTube channel features recordings of all the videos and performances. Some mainstream press reviews are here.

At some point I'll archive everything on the Haunted Machines website. [3 years later: Look, right, this was a big thing. There’s like 50 videos, 200 photos and who knows what else. What am I supposed to do, copy them all? Everything’s up on Impakt’s various channels or drop me a line.]

Last updated: 05.2020