Design Futures Seminar, The Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies

It might come as a surprise for some, but designers and futurists have a great deal in common. The understanding that the respective fields have much to offer in bringing about much-needed change in the world is emerging across the disciplines. Even more so together.

In this Futures Seminar, we explore how design plays a role in imagining and creating extraordinary images of tomorrow and urgent examinations of our present. Design Futures and Speculative Design are exciting and constantly evolving disciplines within the broader field of futures. A practice where we move from imagining and designing for how the world is to how the world could be.

To dive into the concept of Design Futures and how we through futures and design can explore new imaginaries and alternatives for the 21st century, our own Lovisa Volmarsson, Advisor & Futurist, will be joined by two exciting experts:

Join us for an exploration into the world of design futures and speculative design and imaginations of everyday life to speculative worlds of tomorrow.
Last updated: 05.2020