Computers Making Pictures and Imaginary Machines

Two lectures produced for students at London College of Communication. 

Computers Making Pictures explores the world of machine-made synthetic images, from computer graphics to machine learning. It examines the critical dimensions of what it means for machine to be able to simulate, model and replicate ‘reality’ and what it says about our values in the choices we make for them in doing so. 

Imaginary Machines examines the relationship between technology and the imagination; particularly in regard to hype and myth-making. Through cornerstone technologies like so-called Artificial Intelligence, the lecture explores material from design, philosophy and STS. 

Note to educators: Please feel free to use these lectures in your teaching material, just remembering to credit. I’m really happy that they find continued use beyond their existing intended audience of LCC students. If you do use them, please let me know because I’d love to hear feedback. I’ll probably be still making these for a few more years and feedback on what was successful and what could be improved would be really useful. 

Last updated: 05.2020