atomic Paradox – a short text produced for Alex Cooper and Tim Hutchinson's Im-Pressed #3 - Atomic. This issue explores the atomic theme against a backdrop of sustainability and climate change. Relevant history and human values are interrogated through the use of typography and language.

After a slumber in the annals of niche philosophy and theology, the atom returned to the fore in the twentieth century even naming its own epoch; The Atomic Age. Here the destructive and creative potential of the indivisible unit was paradoxically explored in the Herculean task of ‘splitting the atom.’ Entire states turned economies and infrastructure towards the cracking of indivisible unit and in doing so revealed the immense universe within. Out of the atom poured a litany of sub-atomic particles which only deepened the mystery of the previously indivisible atom and how it constructs the universe.
Last updated: 05.2020